Interesting facts about Casablanca City

Hassan-II Mosque Casablanca Morocco
Hassan-II Mosque Casablanca Morocco

Casablanca nowadays is becoming more and more popular among people from all around the world. Casablanca is filled with beauty; it has the most amazing eye-catching architecture, from the mosques to the markets and the city’s smallest allies. Casablanca has many attractive places to visit, from the beaches to the mountains, from the city’s hustle-bustle to the quietness of the village it all is packed in this city. People are going to Casablanca in herds after herds while on their vacations or even after retirement. Here are some interesting facts about Casablanca you should know before entering the city.

  • Casablanca is one of Africa’s largest cities serving Morocco in many ways, like an economic business. It has the largest port on the continent.
  • World’s fifth largest mosque and the continent’s largest mosque The Hassan II mosque is also located here in Casablanca.
  • 3 The Bouskoura forest consisting of palm trees and pine trees is the only natural attraction in Casablanca. The city also contains Arabian league parks, which are also a source of income for the city. It has many things like waterfalls, a stadium, and a skate park that attracts people towards the city, which is good for making a good amount of revenue.
  • Casablanca also has some beaches that drive surfers towards it, and they participate in a surfing competition.
  • The king’s palace in Casablanca is the father of the architectural beauty in all of the city; Casablanca has a cultural, architectural view of French and Moroccan style mixed.
  • Morocco means Al Maghreb, which means the place where the sunsets.
  • Morocco is an Arab Muslim country having Casablanca as its heart.
  • Casablanca is only a few miles away from Europe.
  • Casablanca has its 50 % population as Berbers.
  • Just like Sunday is the barbecue day all over Europe here in Casablanca, Friday is couscous day.
  • Casablanca is the part of a country where it’s the only country where women’s rights are in the constitution.
  • Usually, Arabic is spoken in Casablanca, but most People use Darija, an Arabic dialect.
  • Mint tea is the most favorite drink all over Casablanca city as well as all around morocco.
  • It always is fun to play with drones, taking pictures or videos with them, but unfortunately, drones are banned in Casablanca and all over morocco city. If you plan to bring your drones into the city, that will be a bad idea because if you get caught at the airport, you can also get deported or worsen the case that you will be jailed or banned from entering the city again for life.
  • Rabat is the country’s capital, has the same importance as Casablanca just because it has popular attractions for the tourists as it generates revenue.
  • People living in Casablanca are amicable. They will always welcome you with a warm smile and gratitude; men are very polite and gentle, but the ladies don’t inter-react with men. They are holy women strictly following their religion as they are all Muslims, and Islam doesn’t permit such type of inter-reaction.
  • In Casablanca still, there are many strict rules from pre-historic times. Most of the rules are Islamic rules, like when someone is caught stealing something, they will cut his / their hand as a punishment.
  • Berber women tattoo their faces to show their marital status.
  • A man can marry four wives at a time.
  • The branch of Islam which is practiced is Casablanca is Maliki Islam.
  • In Casablanca, you will find fresh meat of Halal animals chopped right in front of your eyes.
  • Casablanca has some of the weirdest games like ostrich racing and Goat soccer.
  • Pubs and bars are prohibited in Casablanca, but there is Rick’s bar where you can sit down and can enjoy your favorite drink incredibly fresh right out of the bottle.
  • Prostitution is a big No-No in Casablanca. If someone gets caught in adultery, there is a stringent punishment or, in some cases, death.
  • The best way to greet people in Casablanca is Assalam o Alaikum ( peace be upon You).
  • Saffron is very beneficial for one’s health; you can see it all over Casablanca, even on small stalls but beware, some people can scam you by giving you the fake saffron at the rate of the original one.
  • Casablanca is famous for the handmade fabrics, carpets, and many other things you can find only in Casablanca.
  • Casablanca has Mohammad V international airport, which accommodates round about 8.4 million passengers yearly.
  • The smallest taxi in Casablanca is red while the Grand taxi is white.
  • Casablanca has a morocco mall, which is a beauty on its own. It has the most beautiful architectural structure which is admired by the French as well as other countries. It has its aquarium that consists of 40 different types of fishes; when someone enters the mall, they can have a 360 view of the aquarium, or they can also scuba dive in the aquarium under the supervision of the professionals.
  • Muhammad V square in Casablanca is characterized by the presence of pigeons all over the square.
  • Casablanca has a variety of fresh and dry fruits which are so good in quality that you cannot find any substitute in any other place. The fruits are seasonal while some are available all around the year.
  • People in Casablanca are very affectionate towards the dates.
  • Ramadan is the holy month in which people in Casablanca change their daily routine while performing the religious obligations, most of the markets are closed during this month.
  • The Burj Dubai Casablanca towers are the integrated complex for a business, shopping, and tourism, which again helps a lot in the generation of revenue, which is later used to establish the city itself.

Some Final Words

Casablanca has its value among other countries of the world. All the facts and figures show that how important Casablanca is to morocco itself and its economy because the city itself is a good source of revenue.