How to Have Best Intimate Relationship that Lasts Forever

First you need to know whether you are in intimate relationship or not. Having an intimate relationship means that you become vulnerable and feel save in your partner company. You can have intimate relationship if you can freely tell your loved one about your ideas with honoring their views.

However, having an intimate relationship doesn’t mean that you have to shut down the whole world and give attention to only one person.

To have intimacy in relationship you need to develop deep connection with your loved ones. Some might experience sex as the vital act of love, for others people, it can be though as avoiding closeness. To have the best intimate relationship, you need to truly present yourself to your partner.

You can have the best intimate relation by reading the work provided by the best psychologist and relationship advisor. The book even explains the exact words and phrases that can help to have the best intimate relation.

First Type of Intimacy

How to Have Best Intimate Relationship that Lasts Forever

Emotions are seemed as the first type of intimacy. By emotions you can praise your partners when they need the most. By emotional intimacy, you can comfort them in the time of despair. In short you need to be happy in their happiness and need to be sad in their sadness.

This creates sensation of being cared and being loved. If you are in intimate relation you will easily know what your partner is trying to communicate with you by the emotions.

Mental Intimacy 

You can easily get confused between emotions and mental intimacy. However, mental intimacy means that your views resonate with the views of your loved ones. You can know that you are in mental intimacy when you talk about the interest and hobbies and get joy from them due to mutual liking.

Spiritual intimacy

You can have spiritual intimacy by giving respect and support. You can have spiritual intimacy if you beliefs do not middle with your partner beliefs.

Physical Intimacy

When it comes to intimacy how you can leave the sex out of it. When you are having the above intimacy you will also be enjoying hot passionate sex and love. Sometime, this intimacy can be thought of less important than the one explained above.

 In addition to the sex, you can also enjoy intimacy by having closure and having hugs and doing other physical activities. Not only sex is intimate but holding hands or giving massage after a stressful day, pulling him close to you is also intimate.

What can Kill Best Intimate Relationship

There are many things that can kill your intimate relationship. The 1st thing in the list is of course lie and betrayals.  Betrayals not only include lying but it can also include close minded, avoiding, showing lack of interest and so on.

How to Ensure that your intimate relationship last long

You can get intimate with your partner by going deep into the small talks and get real with them. You can ask deeper questions that can connect to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual intimacy. There are through provoking question that can help you in having deep chats.


Having an intimate relationship can be the best thing you can feel in the world. Knowing that someone is right there for you is amazing. However, you need to enjoy all types of intimacy in order to have the best relation. However, you also need to let your partner evolve because doing same thing again and again can cause boredom.

You also need to evolve and need to keep pace with your partner in different matters of life.